HijackThis is now Open Source!

By Miles V. February 19, 2012

I couldn’t imagine a better outcome to this story.  Now all it needs is developer to pick up the project and run with it.

Maybe I should back up though.

For many years HijackThis has been one of my favorite tools for detecting and removing unwanted startup items from Windows systems.  As the name implies, it was originally written to help fix browser hijacks, however it quickly proved to be just as effective at disabling crapware, quick launchers, auto-updaters, monitors, and all those other pesky background tasks.

However, HijackThis was sold to TrendMicro in 2007 and since then they’ve done…..very little to maintain or update it.  Some of the old bugs haven’t been fixed even after several years and it has started to show some compatibility issues with Vista and Windows 7.  I started to become concerned that they were planning to discontinue and bury it.

Thankfully Trend has now released the source code into the wild; it can now be found on SourceForge for anyone who wants to continue development.

What do you think?