• “Any sufficiently
    advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
    -- Arthur C. Clarke.

Data Services

Data Services

These days we have a lot of information to manage.  Music collections, email address books, photo libraries, customer records, etc.  Some of our collections of information are vast, like our music and movies.  And some are rather petite, like our papers and emails.  Keeping track of all of it is quite a challenge sometimes, but there are tools and tips to help keep you in control of your digital life.

Backup Services

For incredibly critical data or just a casual entertainment system, backups are important for preventing hair tearing tragedies.  Bad things happen: hard drives fail, mistakes are made, data gets overwritten (intentionally or not), and systems crash.  Even if the data isn't lost, it can become inaccessible at crucial moments.  We can help show you how to keep a tight control on what is most important to you.  Backup solutions need not be complicated or expensive, so consider what you have to lose before continuing on without one.  We can help.


Moving data from one system to another can be simple.  It can also be tedious.  Making sure that software functions the same as it did on the old system can be challenging, but that's where we can step in.  We are experienced in moving data from complex systems and setting up the new system to act like the old.  Be it your iTunes library or your company's inventory system, we understand the challenges involved.


When disaster strikes, everyone needs help.  Data needs to come back, and it usually needs to happen right away.  Backups are great to have, and make it easy to recover, but we don't always have the foresight or resources to keep extra copies of everything.  CTRL+shift technicians can recover a machine from many types of problems or, in extreme cases, refer you to someone who can help.  When the system dies or things are starting to fail, we can usually extract the information and get you back on your feet.


Ever have a file from way back when and try to use it today only to find that it doesn't open?  Even with that hundred dollar bit of software you just bought?  Wish you could find a way to make that square peg round?  We can show you tools which can convert the old file into new ones.  If one doesn't exist, perhaps for your company's special files which need to be entered into a new database, we can write one for you.