• “Any sufficiently
    advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
    -- Arthur C. Clarke.

Network Services

Network Services

We've all heard of the internet and what it can do to transform our businesses and our lives.  We heard it fifteen years ago, but we still treat it as a magical place and still don't understand all of its inner workings.  CTRL+shift can help you set up and explain all the magic that goes into what you need.  We specialize in setting up and maintaining the networking systems that small business homes rely on. 

Network Implementation

Need help figuring out where all those wires go?  What that little blinking box does?  Or how to configure it to make your life better?  Easier?  Not only can CTRL+shift organize, design, and set up a network for you, we can explain it and train you to use it.  We want you to be as fully in control of your domain as possible.

Remote Access

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to use your computer from anywhere?  How about access to your files?  As “remote access” implies,  you can get at your resources from anywhere you have a connection to the internet.  There are many flavors of remote access: VPN, VNC, RDP, SSH, etc.  and we can help you pick the one that fits your needs best.


The ubiquity of wireless devices doesn't alleviate the frustrations of setting up a wireless network.  Many times you can get by with the default settings, but more often than not, you want to set it up to be encrypted or invisible, or otherwise customized.  We can show you how to set it up yourself so that you will never be confused in the future.

Server Management

With a network in place or a connection to the internet, one can start taking advantage of the many services that a dedicated machine can provide.  There are many kinds of servers: file servers, web servers, email servers, backup servers, databases.  Each provides a unique service to a network and its computers, or to the internet.  Many are powerful and complex pieces of software that can be a bit tricky to configure to do exactly what you want.  We can provide help, advice, guidance, whatever you need.


A.k.a., network and server administration.  CTRL+shift keeps an eye on how things are running and ensures that nothing bad happens.  If things go sour, we get right on it to set things right.  Not a lot to say other than we become an intelligent pair of eyes to watch what is happening with your services.