• “Any sufficiently
    advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
    -- Arthur C. Clarke.

Tech Support

Tech Support

CTRL+shift is ready to assist when you just need help.  Word not working?  Can't to connect to the internet?  Got a blue screen on your hands?  Don't know what that new thing is?  Whatever it is, we can help.  We read up on new fads, investigate new tools, and have a wide network of resources for problem solving.  We have years of experience teaching people new tricks to get the most out of their computer.  Let us be the neighbor you invite over to help when you are lost or confused.


All too often, we neglect the things that we use everyday; it's easy to let basic maintenance fall to the bottom of an endless to-do pile.  It's no secret that computers accumulate plenty of junk over the course of their lives.  Malware, disk fragmentation, process clutter, extraneous services, and registry errors are just a few things that build up and make your computing experience an exercise in patience.  Bring your computer to us.  We will whip it back into shape so you can one again enjoy time with your machine.

Hardware Repair/Upgrade

Things break.  Things get old.  When these things happen, we can diagnose your computer's hardware and replace broken components or upgrade the ones that are lacking.  Sometimes they aren't worth fixing, but often they need nothing more than a $35 part.  We'll provide you with a detailed description of what happened or why new hardware is needed to ensure that you feel knowledgeable and confident about making the buying decision.


We've all been frustrated by the way computers operate at some point in our lives, most frequently when they seem to do something we don't want.  Dissecting the machine is our passion; we love to investigate, hunt, theorize, and prove what a problem is, how it arises, and how to solve it.  Bring us your problems.  We love a challenge.

Virus & Spyware

Though it's not fun to think about, you are not the only one who wants to use your computer.  There are bad people out there.  They write software to take advantage of you and your machine.  They can steal your information.  We know that.  They can use your computer to attack other computers.  Hmm that doesn't sound good.  They can distribute illegal material from your computer or use it to commit other crimes.  Oh my.  They can pretend to be you to hurt your friends. 

No one likes viruses.  No one likes spyware.  We help get rid of it.


Ever wonder how those people do those things they do?  For ambitions (and imaginations) big and small, CTRL+shift is there to help you understand the new landscape you want to explore.  Office Suite software, email, and internet usage are common.  Some people ask for help to learn how to use their new gadget.  Others want to know about Facebook or twitter, how to make their own webpage, or manage a file server.  We're here to help you understand what is out there so you can make the most of it.