• “Any sufficiently
    advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
    -- Arthur C. Clarke.

Web Development

Web Development

When most people think of the internet, they think of websites.  It is the de facto method of disseminating information on the internet.  Websites have evolved to offer many different styles of presentation: RSS feeds, blogs, social networks, databases, collaborative workspaces, etc.  We understand it can be complex to figure out how you want to share your message with the world, but we will guide you to from concept to launch and beyond.

Site Design

Presentation of your website is important.  The current fads of course will change from day to day, week to week, but we can help you steer through the clutter to keep your website looking the way you intend.  Our goal is to help you find the smart look that will leave a good impression on your visitors.


Have a website you want to share with the world?  Not sure where to put it up?  We can help you figure out which of those myriad of web hosting services is a good deal for you.  We can help you understand the value of having shared hosting versus the power of your own dedicated server.  We'll make sure you get a good deal for what you do.


Often people need tweaks or changes to their website, but don't know how.  Sometimes it's a simple task like updating some old text to something fresh or reprogramming some of a site's backend to make it more convenient for users.  We work with you to make sure your website reflects your interests.


For a website to be effective, it needs to be fast; the average reader waits no more than 9 seconds for a site to load before giving up and going somewhere else. Websites need to be tweaked to offer the best performance.  High traffic sites might suffer from poorly configured systems or need analysis to improve the execution time of database queries and page scripts.  If you don't know what that means, we'd be happy to explain how it affects your site and your visitors' experiences.


Websites today are seldom constant pages that never change.  No longer are they simple digital pamphlets to be read and put aside.  This is the age of the interactive web, and web applications can enable your site to engage viewers in a whole new way.  eBay's online marketplace, Facebook's vast social database, and YouTube's user-contributed video library are all famous examples of web apps at work. Frequently, these types of sites websites are generated using user created content or by aggregating data from an array of sources which is then fed into the database, changing the content of the site dynamically.  What do you want your website to be able to do?